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Carl W. King II, Founder/President/Manager:  Carl has made a decision to contribute his time and talent to our Mission. In the past, he was directly responsible for, or a key managerial factor in, the nationwide expansion of several entrepreneurial ventures. He offers hands-on experience in the development, including operations, training, legal and marketing, of distributorship and franchise packages. Carl developed highly successful recruiting programs, lead systems, sales presentations, sales literature and marketing campaigns for a variety of products, services and sales organizations. A number of his copyrighted marketing concepts were the key catalysts for nationwide expansion campaigns. During his career, Carl has held, either individually or through his privately held companies, sales, consultant, management and corporate officer positions with several organizations. Carl holds a B.S. Degree in Management from Florida State University.
Additional Team Leaders Needed

Much research and preparation has been undertaken to move our organization forward. We are presently searching for several key individuals to help manage various elements of our Mission.
Areas of Need and Responsibility

  • Team Member to manage Legal, Administrative and Fiscal elements of our organization.

  • Team Member to manage all Technical, Internet, Computer and Software elements of our organization.

  • Team Member to manage all Marketing and Public Relations elements of our organization.

  • Team Member to manage the Tax Deductible Fundraising element of our organization

We will initially work with all members of the team in the execution of their respective responsibilities. We prefer all team leaders to initially fund their personal involvement in our organization. As funds are raised, we expect to compensate employees as required.

We urge all parties interested in joining our Management Team to
contact us through our Information Request Form.

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