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Numerous Liberty Loving Organizations offer state-of-the-art online advocacy software programs that have the ability to manage, inform, engage, motivate and empower Liberty Loving Patriots in numbers never reached before. With this support system you can either force your elected officials to restore the principles protected in our Constitution or inform those officials that you will do everything in your power to elect representatives who will. Participation is absolutely free to all Patriots.

Each participant will be engaged through their completely automated Internet e-mail system. This allows all members to communicate their wishes to Congresspersons, Senators, Committee Chairpersons, the President and other elected officials on all legislative activities including the drafting of bills, committee proceedings, upcoming votes, etc. You will be informed by e-mail about all important issues being discussed and actions about to take place in Congress. Within seconds you will be able to respond via e-mail to your elected officials with pre-drafted, hard-hitting communications. You of course may also draft your own responses. Members will be updated on all resulting actions, including how their specific Congressperson and Senators voted. After taking part, it will become very clear which candidate you will want to support in upcoming elections. These online systems will require little time on a memberís part to stay active and involved.

How to Join Advocacy Groups

If you will provide us the following information we will immediately email you our select
Advocacy Group(s) to join. This also allows us to keep you informed of vital new marketing
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common Mission to save our Republic.

Our Pledge of Confidentiality
Communication from our organization will be extremely rare and selective. You have our word of honor that we will never provide your contact information to a third party and, upon request, will immediately remove your information from our database.

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