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How Can I Help?

The most important things you can do is to educate yourself through our Educational Exposés, join an Advocacy Group (it is absolutely free) and spread the word to others.
Your Specific Mission

It does not accomplish our Mission to only send our message to individuals that already believe in limited government. Consequently, your specific mission is to also get a minimum of two people who have not been voters in the past, or for whatever reason have been supporters of big government, to become Educated Patriots that support our Constitution. They should understand how vital it is to the very survival of our Republic that they vote for politicians that indeed do believe in a conservative interpretation of our Constitution. If you have to send out dozens of emails or print and distribute dozens of our Call to Action messages and Educational Exposés… do it. If you have to help them get registered and take them to the polls… do it. Be creative and think of ways to get the message out. You may want to organize meetings, speak at civic clubs or set up booths at events with a “Save Our Republic” banner and handout our materials. If every True Patriot educated only two citizens we would Save Our Republic.


It will do you no good to argue with or berate those who, for whatever reason, believe in or have voted for politicians who believe in, a liberal interpretation of our Constitution and big government. Making negative comments about specific politicians or parties only puts people on the defensive. The only possible opportunity we have of making them understand the truth is to follow the counsel of Thomas Jefferson and enlighten them through education. If they are unwilling to open their minds or do not see the light after reading the documents, please do not waste your time.
You Have Our Permission to
Print and Distribute Our Materials

You have our permission to copy the "printable versions" of our materials as long as you reproduce them in their entirety. Everything is free. Please print out our 5 Short Educational Exposés and read them. Print the introductory Call to Action message or cut and paste it in an e-mail. Pass this Call to Action message and our Educational Exposés to as many fellow Americans as possible and urge them to join an Advocacy Group.
We suggest you have every one read our Call to Action message before you send them to our web site. Printing the materials and stapling the Call to Action to the Educational Exposés and handing them out in their entirety is preferable. Plead with people to read them; our Republic and the American Way of Life are at stake.
Freedom Is Not Free!

If we are going to save our Republic, we each are going to have to invest time and resources.

Please Allow Us to Keep You Informed of Vital Marketing and Public
Relations Ideas That Can Aid You in Our Common Mission to Spread the Word.

Our Pledge of Confidentiality
Communication from our organization will be extremely rare and selective. You have our
word of honor that we will never provide your contact information to a third party and, upon
request, will immediately remove your information from our database.

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